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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to create my VidPic?

It will depend on how long you would like it to be. A one song VidPic (3-4min) will take 1-2 weeks but a three or four song VidPic (15-20min) can take up to a month.

How much will my VidPic cost?

The cost of your VidPic will depend on the length of your VidPic. Contact me to discuss your requirements and we will give you a free quote. 

How many pictures and videos are needed?

The more pictures and videos, the better. We recommend that you send at least 75 pictures/videos per song.

What format do my pictures and videos need to be in?

Obviously we recommend using high quality JPEG pictures but photos taken on smart phones work fine too. Video can be sent in most formats, again footage from smart phones work too.

Will all my pictures and videos be used?

No not necessarily. We will use as many as we can as well as making your VidPic look the best. If there are certain pictures/videos that you definitely want included then just let us know at the start.

Do I need to provide you with the song I want for my VidPic?

We have access to most popular songs but if you wish to use something that is unique it can be sent along with your pictures and videos in an MP3 format.

Can I see my VidPic before it is finalised?

Yes of course. We will send you a draft version of your VidPic and you will then be able to ask for different pictures to be swapped or moved within the VidPic. We will make sure you are 100% happy before finalising it.

How will I receive my VidPic?

Depending on what package you purchase we will either be able to a) transfer your VidPic as a file via e-mail, b) send you a USB with your VidPic on or c) create and send you a keepsake DVD.

Please Contact Us with any other questions you may have. We will be happy to help.